10 Best Jokes of the Week (as decided by me, I don’t care about your opinion)

1. A Toshiba humanoid robot named Chihira Kanae is greeting visitors to the world’s biggest travel fair in Berlin this week. Event organizers initially wanted German people to do the job but ultimately decided to go with something less robotic.

2. On Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune endorsed Senator Marco Rubio in the 2016 Republican presidential race. That story again, a dying medium endorsed a dying small.

3. In Florida, a woman who was naked from the waist down drove her car into a Waffle House restaurant. And, she was still the the most-overdressed person at that Waffle House.

4. On Monday, a 10-year-old boy, born without hands or lower legs was signed by his favorite baseball team, the New York Yankees. The boy said he became a Yankees fan because you don’t need arms or legs to boo A-Rod.

5. Yesterday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant endorsed Ted Cruz for president. Which is surprising because I just assumed that Mississippi was governed by possum in a top hat.

6. On Friday, presidential candidate Ben Carson dropped out of the race saying, “I did the math. I looked at the delegate counts … and I realized it simply wasn’t going to happen.” Adding, “And then I waited three months.”

7. Over the weekend, rapper Flavor Flav delivered the weather report on a local news station in Utah. Unsurprisingly, the night’s top story was “Black man spotted in Utah.”

8. During a speech Saturday night, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he was not surprised that rival Ted Cruz won the Maine caucus since it is so close to Canada. So I guess he won’t be surprised when Marco Rubio wins Kansas since it’s the only way to get to Munchkin Land.

9. Senate minority leader Harry Reid said the Republican party created “a Frankenstein monster” in Donald Trump. Which explains why Trump has such a big head and such tiny little hands.

10. Last night Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton traded barbs during a debate in Flint, Michigan that became heated at times. Although, there were conciliatory moments, like when Hillary offered to pour a tall glass of tap water for Bernie.

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