June 15, 2017 – Monologue Jokes

1. Rolf Buchholz, the world’s most pierced man reveled that he has 278 piercings in his penis. As a result, this is what it looks like when he pees:

2. Rolf Buchholz, the world’s most pierced man reveled that he has 278 piercings in his penis. Rolf said he is attracted to women with piercings and also magnets.

3. A Kansas man who told police he robbed a bank last September to get prison time to escape from his wife, was sentenced Tuesday to six months of home confinement. Said the man, “I’ll see you at the bank tomorrow.”

4. A college student caught shoplifting from a Wyoming Walmart told police she was doing research for a paper she was writing on kleptomania. So, I assume, Jeff Sessions is writing a paper on perjury.

5. While speaking at a women’s summit, Kim Kardashian admitted to making mistakes in her life, but said the important lesson is to not repeat them. “I’ll take that as a maybe,” said Ray J.

6. Green Bay Packer’s starting safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is interning at the office of a federal judge in Wisconsin for the summer. Not to be outdone, New York Jets players are already lining up offseason jobs for when the playoffs roll around.

7. According to a new study, men are four times more likely to take their phone out during a wedding. And, if you think that’s bad, you should see why:

8. Facebook engineers have developed an Artificial Intelligence program that has learned to lie to get what it wants. That story again, Kellyanne Conway is gonna be out of a job real soon.

9. Rapper Chief Keef was arrested Monday in South Dakota for drug possession. News that I”m sure disappointed his South Dakota fan.

10. According to a new report, it would take 173 years to fully watch every video from beginning to end on the pornography website PornHub. A challenge that your teenage son who lives in the basement has apparently accepted.

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