10 Best Jokes of the Week (as decided by me, I don’t care about your opinion)

1. A musical based on the life and songs of Cher will be coming to Broadway in 2018. Of course, if you’d like a sneak peak before that, you can always check out Mike Pence’s nightmares.

2. Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence revealed that carrot cake is his favorite dessert. That story again, a bland vanilla wafer likes carrot cake.

3. Actor Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance this week on a Comedy Central show playing the role of a weatherman. Not to be outdone, Al Roker has started a fight club.

4. On Thursday, Boeing, the world’s biggest plane maker, said it is looking ahead to a world where jetliners fly without pilots. ”Us too,” said people who live near Harrison Ford.

5. An ex-girlfriend of Bill Maher hinted that the comic has used the n-word around her in the past. Now that’s inexcusable, no one should have to date Bill Maher.

6. Authorities say a Utah woman pulled out two of her son’s teeth using pliers in a Walmart restroom. Despite that, the kid still had the most teeth of anyone at that Walmart.

7. According to a new report, housing a prisoner in California now costs more than a year at Harvard. Although, a lucky few will get to experience both in their lifetime:

8. Al Pacino will reportedly play former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in an upcoming HBO film. It will be the first time since ‘Scent of a Woman’ that Pacino will play a guy who turns a blind eye.

9. The Utah Attorney General’s Office said that a man suing the state has no constitutional right to marry his laptop computer. Also, that’s not what a USB port is for.

10. Last Thursday, a man climbed a 30-foot-tall bulldozer on a crowded Miami freeway, stripped naked and masturbated in plain view during rush hour. Causing a handful of motorists to use their windshield wipers even though it wasn’t raining.

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